Furniture care

When you invest in a quality piece of furniture, regular maintenance and protection are necessary to keep your piece looking beautiful for as long as possible. By using a quality cleaner or protective table pad, you are helping to ensure your investment remains for generations to come.

    Products & Advice


    wood care

    Wood furniture will last through the ages, but the scratches and water marks can be forgotten in history. We carry an anytime Clean & Polish spray that can be used to regularly clean and enhance your wood products. 

    We strongly recommend you check the type of wood finish your item came in as this may impact the kind of cleaning product you can use. 

    Farbic care

    Accidents and spills happen but stains don't need to stick around. We carry Stain & Odor Eliminator by Guardsman which cleans pet messes and other common stains. According to Guardsman, this cleaner is "safe for use on most household fabrics, upholstery and rugs. However, it's not appropriate for use on velvet, silk or other items carrying manufacturer clean-ability codes of S or X."

    Please remember to research the kind of fabric you want to clean before applying any cleaning agent to avoid damage.



    Leather care 

    Leather remains an elegant and timeless fabric. You can be proactive with leather care and use protective wipes to repel stains and retain leather's color and softness. We carry Guardsman's pH balanced protective and cleaning wipes, and other leather care products, in store. 

    With any product you choose to clean with, we recommend you test a small area of the leather in a discrete place to ensure the leather does not undergo any negative reaction.