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Design Commentary


What we love about it...

We love the variety of cool tones that work in harmony to create a calm and welcoming bedroom environment. The strong yet elegant metal frame paired with the distressed wood nightstands combines interesting textures. This space is refreshed by blending a new bed frame with current bedding and accents to create a timeless look.Β 


What we love about it...

Bold patterns and soft, sleek materials blend eclectically to create rustic and natural vibes. The creative use of mixed furniture items captures a world view of design.Β We love the combination of this natural and locally handmade table with rich metals that provide an inviting dining area for the entire family.Β 

*A local craftsman fashioned this table from 15o-year old weathered and reclaimed pine wood.Β 


What we love about it...

We love how the leather chairs mix well with the fabric couch and ottoman.Β The warm tones and mixed patterns show how old and new furniture pieces can work wonderfully together. The solid wood chest and 150 year-old reclaimed wood lamp adds charm and rich history.